What We Use

We Use Only High Quality Materials

We use all different types of products on the market, for our hard landscaping we use natural stone and manufactured blocks and paving products.

We use various suppliers that will deliver materials direct to your door, for us to then construct your ideal garden and make a reality. Natural sandstone and sawn sandstone, slate, granite paving and timber stone products make your garden look unique and authentic.

We use a full range of manufactured products, they are more realistic now and they are always looking for more insightful and inspirational ways to make there products meet customers aspirations.

Sleepers and boulders and water features are just another way to bring your garden to life and give it dimension. We also use a range of aggregates to contrast different areas and also provide low maintenance and at a budget.

The turf we use is a Barenbrug seed mixture and is a high quality and enduring making it a very suitable turf for our environment. We supply and fit various different grades of artificial turf, we have samples on request different pile lengths and colour variations For a low maintenance garden that will look amazing all year round. Also great for pets.

All the timber we use for outdoor use is treated against weather and decay to give you a long lasting product. Should you have any questions or would like to give us a call we will be happy to help.